What could be more important that having an attorney you trust? In the case of Stryker Slev, I’ve got two of them, available to advise me on my most challenging and complex real estate matters. Most recently, Stryker Slev helped me unwind a complex lease situation and then walked me through the myriad of issues involved in a ground-up development project in the beach area. What I value most in all of my business dealings and relationships is integrity. Monica Slev and Dennis Stryker are gold standard.

-Jan Percival

I retained Stryer Slev to represent my company in litigation involving a contract dispute, Monica Slev showed outstanding knowledge and expertise, was extremely persistent in all matters with insurance companies and handled our dilemma efficiently and effectively. I strongly recommend using Stryker Slev for any dispute resolution you may have.

-Jeff MZ

I was referred to Stryker Slev Law Group by another attorney. I had a contract dispute situation and I needed an attorney to look over the contract and guide me through what my rights were and what action needed to be taken. Monica was amazing in every way. She took the time to explain in detail the contract. She was extremely professional, patient, friendly and kind. Thank you Monica for your patience and all the help!

-Linda M. Spring Valley, CA

I am a homeowner who purchased a brand new modern
industrial high loft 4 plus years ago that I was proud to live in.
My first 24 hours inside proved a nightmare with a massive flood from shoddy workmanship not to mention a laundry list of construction defects items that were equally negligent during construction that turned up its ugly head months and years down the road.The short list included leaking windows and sliding doors not to mention a leaking roof and skylight into my bedroom and office. I moved out for weeks as my property was recovered.The building had over $150,000 dollars worth of issues and that was just on the surface.

I never got a break in the first 4 years of living there it was the home from h##l
My dream home after waiting a lifetime to own turned into my worst nightmare with heartbreak, sleepless nights with my investment at risk and no recourse from builders who were elusive and unresponsive with reasonable requests to attempt to repair .My neighbors actually fared worse than I.Too long to go into!

A homeowners warranty means nothing when the builders are negligent and not willing to make repairs.
I spent a few months researching lawyers and it was a slippery slope. I wanted someone that would care about a wrong and help make it right. Who would be as fair as they could?
Knew there would still be a cost attached to that legal counsel.
Most attorneys wanted the fast buck and didn’t want to take the case based on we were a very small building. So unless you are very wealthy and able to pay large hourly fees and the possibility of a bloody fortune to litigate you have to be lucky to find someone who might take the case on contingency
If ones building isn’t a large complex many attorneys simply won’t take the case.

Thankfully there are some lawyers who care about folks without deep lined pockets or the need to be a 100 unit building
I was skeptical early on after my interviews with other attorneys
It was clear they didn’t really care about my outcome and they offered us very few practical acceptable options.

Enter Monica Slev of the Stryker Slev Law Group her law firm came highly recommended by one of the best law firms in city of San Diego who I wanted badly to represent our case but declined.

Monica came through with options but no promises.

She pledged to try to make a difference from where we came from which was nowhere. To do the best she could do under the circumstances.Ms.Slev was clear we wouldn’t get the world or everything we wanted but we would likely get somewhere in this process of fair recovery.

As some know or will learn in the legal process there are risks when you attempt settlement or litigation. Even if you deserve recovery from someone who did wrong by you.

No attorney is a bargain however after a long year Monica came through for us and we have a building while still not prefect is happily livable. We are still working through some finishing details that I cant discuss.

I speak for myself and I believe for my neighbors as well when I say we are fortunate to have found Monica as I can start to enjoy my beautiful home again and live the life I envisioned originally before moving to San Diego.

For those that may be in a similar position I’d like to give you the best advice of my lifetime

* First before you buy any property don’t settle with just a home inspector regardless if its a new or old building.

* Get a Building repair recovery company expert who works with defective buildings routinely every day of their lives. They know where to look far beyond the average home inspector or bright experienced homeowner
* Do not forget that a home will probably be your single most expensive item you will purchase in your lifetime

* If you screw up like me and don’t have a building expert doing the full inspection before buying and end up with a nightmare as I did don’t procrastinate there is a statue of limitations in going after builders and that’s if they stay in business!

* Final Advice if you aren’t getting action from your builders to fix your residence

Run don’t walk to Monica Slev she’s on the top of the list as a go to lawyer who will get to the bottom of it. Monica delivered results. She didn’t wave a magic wand and she nor her team of experts didn’t come cheaply but it was money well spent.

At all times she was fair polite and personable.

At the end of the day she took care of the business and legal challenges at hand.

Thanks To Ms Slev for staying the course!
Bravo take a bow! Well done

-Don h. San Diego, CA

Our company has utilized the Stryker Slev Law Group for the past eleven years. They have assisted with all of our legal concerns from review of our initial corporate documents to contract preparation and review. As a small business we are so grateful to have them.

-JEL Environmental Consulting Company

What I enjoy most about working with Monica and Dennis is the ease of the working relationship. The cornerstone of my business is about creating meaningful experiences for everyone involved in our transactions and their company’s approach to transactions fits perfectly.

– Ginger Hitzke, President, Hitzke Development

Monica Slev of the Stryker Slev Law Group came highly recommended. I speak for myself and I believe for my neighbors as well when I say we are fortunate to have found Monica as I can start to enjoy my beautiful home again and live the life I envisioned originally before moving to San Diego. Monica delivered results.

– Dan H., San Diego

Our case was a difficult one with may arteries and the Builder was represented by a high powered Law Firm. This did not phase Monica and her team. The representation we received from Monica & her team was extraordinary from start to finish. They were always prepared. Monica maneuvered thru our case with competency, grace, and professionalism never leaving a rock unturned. She valued our opinions, kept us informed, and always reassured us.

Our monetary award was the icing on the cake. However, there were emotional wins we garnered as well that were just as important.

We would and do recommend Monica and her Team.