Stryker Slev Law Group offers start-ups as well as established companies and individuals, top-quality legal advice on a conservative budget.  We provide property owners, design teams, builders and developers with all of the legal and ancillary counseling necessary to achieve great results while always keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Don’t wait until you have a problem to call your lawyer. Taking a proactive legal approach to contract drafting, corporate formation, or employment policies always saves time and money in the end. And when a dispute happens, our attorneys specialize both in standard business transactions as well as specialized construction defect law and litigation.

With over 25 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of a variety of industries, from construction and design to tech-savvy start-ups.

We serve as both outside or in-house counsel to companies, and are licensed to practice in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado.

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