Construction Defect Lawyer San Diego

Construction Defect Lawyer San Diego

When you’re adding a new addition or an in-law apartment to your home, it’s possible that you may run into some issues.  All construction projects come with risks, and one of those risks is construction defects.  A construction defect lawyer San Diego can help you craft a contract to protect you in case something goes wrong as well as fight on your behalf in court when there is a dispute.

What Are Construction Defects?

There are two main kinds of defects in construction law: design defects and construction defects.  We’ll go over them both here.  Design defects are when the designs for a construction project are flawed in such a way that they cause problems.  Construction defects occur when the contractors make an error or use incorrect materials during the construction phase of the project, causing issues. A construction defect lawyer San Diego can help with both.

Design Defects

Design defects typically occur when the design specifications for a component or layout of a project have an error or omission.  For example, if you’re adding a recording studio in your basement but the electrical design has insufficient capacity for that area, that would be a design defect.  In that case, the electrical design would have to be modified to accommodate the correct output capacity needed for your recording studio.

As a property owner, you can be hurt by design defects because they can result in a change order, require a delay, create future problems, or lead to an injury.  If the design defect is caught prior to beginning work, a change order for the contractors could come at your expense as the owner.  With a construction defect lawyer San Diego by your side, you can cover those costs by making a claim against the company that provided the faulty design.

If the design defect is found after work has already started, it can require you to make significant changes to the building which will increase your labor, equipment, and material costs.  It is also likely to lead to a delay which can cause further disputes with contractors.  A construction defect lawyer San Diego can help you negotiate sound contracts that can work to prevent disputes as well as help you obtain compensation for design defects.

If the project has been completed but contains a design defect, this can lead to further issues down the line and even cause serious injuries.  For example, if a structural support was not properly reinforced due to a flaw in the design blueprint, it could cause a ceiling to cave in.  The fact that your property would be damaged and need repairing is one significant cost to you, but if someone were to be injured when that happened, you could also be held liable for those injuries.  A construction defect lawyer San Diego can help you get reimbursed for your damages due to a design defect.

Construction Defect

A construction defect differs from a design defect in that the problems it causes are due to the way the construction was put together and not inherent in the design blueprints.  For example, if you hired a company to install plumbing for your new master suite and a pipe had been welded incorrectly causing it to leak or burst, that would be a construction defect because the problem isn’t inherent in the pipe, but rather in how it was installed. A construction defect lawyer San Diego can help you get compensated for repairing the defect as well as for the damage it causes.

Construction defects can also be caused by failure to follow construction codes.  Perhaps everything is functioning soundly when your contractors finish the project, but the home inspector finds that the building is not up to code.  Because fixing this leads to more time and costs for the homeowner, they are able to sue the contractor to cover the damages.

Construction defects cannot be caught prior to construction, only during construction and after the project has been completed.  Like design defects, they can result in serious injuries so it’s important to address any construction defects when they’re discovered.  A construction defect lawyer San Diego can help you navigate the legal process and obtain compensation for the damages caused by faulty construction.

Contracts & Aftermath

To avoid disputes over who is liable for costs incurred by design and construction defects, it’s important to have a construction defect lawyer San Diego help you negotiate your construction project contract.  You want to make sure your interests are protected and you’re not mistakenly considered liable for any issues that occur.  The best way to craft a sound construction contract is by using an experienced construction attorney.

If problems occur, you’ll want a construction defect lawyer San Diego by your side, fighting for you in court.  Whether you’re filing a claim, fighting a dispute, or arguing your case, our team at Stryker Slev Law Group has years of experience with construction law.  We will advise you on the best path forward for your specific situation and help you get the compensation that you deserve.  Contact us to schedule a consultation today!