What Are the Rules For Arbitration in Construction Disputes?

What Are the Rules For Arbitration in Construction Disputes?

If you’re involved in a construction project, you’re likely to face a construction dispute of some sort due to the many different parties involved and possible problems and delays that can occur.  A lot of construction contracts have an arbitration clause that is used to resolve disputes when they arise.  Here we’ll explain what arbitration […]

How is a Commercial Real Estate Building Classified?

In the United States of America, commercial real estate buildings are categorized into different groups. Generally, commercial real estate buildings are categorized by age, amenities, aesthetics, and general infrastructure. Usually, these classes help commercial real estate brokers prepare market data and justify the cost of leases and rents. So, how is a commercial real estate […]

Three Ways a Lawyer Can Help You With Construction Law Services

Construction lawyers help a variety of clients. Any individual or entity involved in the construction process may need a construction lawyer at some point. Usually, whether or not you need a construction lawyer will depend entirely on the specific factual circumstances. With that said, overall, a construction lawyer is someone you will want to turn […]

How to Settle a Dispute with a Contractor

As a construction business owner or developer, you rely on your contractors and trades to get projects complete.  Everything can grind to a halt, should a dispute arise.  There is no question – it happens all too often, between builders/developers, and contractors hired to do work for them. Let’s take a look at how disputes […]

Getting into the Construction Business – Know the Risks

You may be visionary, talented and skilled. You may know what makes buildings stand solid and have an understanding of contracts and contractors. You may be an excellent negotiator and planner. But getting into the construction business brings with it one risk you need to be clear-eyed about from the very outset. Professional Liability Risk […]

The Importance of Land Surveys

A land survey is an essential piece of documentation for anyone intending to buy or develop a piece of land.  There is no way around it.  Any land developer or land purchaser should have a current survey of any piece of land they own or are considering buying.  Let’s delve a little further into the […]