Construction lawyers help a variety of clients. Any individual or entity involved in the construction process may need a construction lawyer at some point. Usually, whether or not you need a construction lawyer will depend entirely on the specific factual circumstances. With that said, overall, a construction lawyer is someone you will want to turn to for any issue that may arise during your construction project. Construction lawyers understand the rules and regulations that govern the design, planning, and construction of buildings and other structures. The following are three ways a construction lawyer can help you with construction law services.

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts
If you are writing a contract, it is best that you allow a construction lawyer to help you. For instance, if you are a business owner entering into a contract with a contractor, you should work with a construction lawyer. A construction lawyer can help you create a contract that;

  • Is lawfully binding
  • Details insurance details
  • Takes into account proper notice requirements
  • Takes into account site conditions
  • Takes into account delays and other unforeseen circumstances
  • Includes reasonable expectations

Reviewing a Contract
After writing a construction contract, it is wise to have it reviewed by a skilled construction lawyer. A construction lawyer can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of an agreement and identify problematic clauses that cause you to carry unnecessary liability or risk. A lawyer can also help you negotiate a more favorable agreement. In summary, construction lawyers are experts at deciphering contracts and can help individuals and companies avoid potential pitfalls.

Protecting Payments
Payment issues are quite common with construction projects. Indeed, not all construction payment issues will require the intervention of a lawyer. For example, there are mechanics liens statutes that can be leveraged without the help of a lawyer. In fact, a claimant can even make a lien claim without the use of a lawyer. However, when it comes to enforcing such a claim, a construction lawyer will almost always be necessary. It is always good to have a skilled construction lawyer by your side when proceeding with an enforcement action. A construction lawyer can ensure that you get the full payment promised.

On the other hand, a construction lawyer can defend you if you have had a claim for payment brought against you.

How Much Does a Construction Lawyer Cost?
Different construction lawyers have different methods of billing. Therefore, what one lawyer charges is not what another lawyer charges. Also, the amount you pay a construction lawyer is dependent on the specifics of your case. Usually, the more complex a matter is, the more money involved. However, the losing side pays the winning side’s attorney fees in most construction cases.

What to Expect When Working With a Construction Lawyer
If, for example, you need a lawyer to help you with a claim or lawsuit, the result will depend on the matter at hand. However, even though there are no guarantees that hiring a construction lawyer will translate to you winning your case, having a lawyer by your side means you get to work with someone with expert knowledge of construction laws.

Here at Stryker Slev, we can help you draft or review a construction contract. We can also help you deal with payment issues, including mechanic liens. Contact us here or call us at 866-531-5705.

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