You’re about to lay your cash on the line to get some work done around the house or at your business.  There are some important considerations you should keep in mind when hiring a contractor, regardless of trade.  There are lots of excellent contractors out there, who do everything 100% above board.  There are also some contractors who don’t.  Here is a list of important considerations, to ensure you engage with the former — a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy contractor.  If any one of the following is missing, or suspicious, think twice about hiring that particular firm.

Check License with the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB)

Working with a licensed contractor means you don’t have to investigate their credentials; the CSLB does that for you.  There are a number of stringent requirements for any contractor across the various trades to get a CSLB license.

Check References

Ask for recent references from your prospective contractor — and check them.  Make sure they’ve done (successfully) what they tell you they can do.

Make Sure the Scope of Work Matches Your Plans & Specifications

When they present a proposal to you, go through it to ensure what they want to do fits with your plans and specs.  Letting them play fast and loose with the specifications is a recipe for problems and disputes down the road.

Make Sure Proper Licenses and Permits are Obtained

It’s right in the California Building Standards Code.  Practically no type of work of any kind can be done on a building without a permit.  Make sure the contractor you engage with completes and files all the proper paperwork.

Check the Contractor’s General Liability Insurance

The contractor you hire should carry their own general liability insurance from a reputable carrier.  If they don’t and something unfortunate happens while they are working for you, it could spell big trouble for you and your insurance provider.  Take no risks — make sure your contractor is fully and adequately insured for the size of the job they are carrying out.

These are just a few important considerations when engaging with a contractor, but a good lawyer well-versed in construction law can help you craft a strong contractor agreement from the start.  Let our attorneys at Stryker Slev confirm that you’ve applied for the necessary licenses and permits and ensure your hiring process only results in qualified, above-board contractors.  We can also help resolve the issues you might already be facing because you didn’t hire the right contractors.  Schedule a consultation today!

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