Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development

Did you know that the U.S. needs at least 4.6 million new apartment homes between now and 2030 to keep up with demand?  Add this to the already booming development market and you’ll quickly realize that we’ll be seeing a lot of real estate development projects in the coming years.  Here is some important information you should know if you’re planning to take advantage of this real estate opportunity.

What Is Real Estate Development?

Real estate development is the process of improving land for the purpose of constructing buildings or other structures. Development can involve a wide range of activities, including land acquisition, zoning, financing, design and construction, and marketing and sales. Development projects can range in size from small residential or commercial projects to large, complex projects such as master-planned communities or mixed-use developments.

Real estate development is regulated by a variety of laws, including zoning laws, building codes, environmental regulations, and financing regulations. These laws can have a significant impact on the feasibility and profitability of a development project.  That’s why it’s extremely important that you fully understand real estate development law or work with some who does.  An experienced real estate attorney can help ensure everything goes smoothly as you buy, sell, build, and lease your development property.

What Can Real Estate Development Attorneys Help With?

Attorneys who specialize in real estate development law can advise developers on the legal aspects of the development process, including land use, zoning, financing, and contract negotiations. They can also help developers navigate the regulatory environment and ensure that a project is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations — an important step if you want to avoid a lawsuit.

Developers usually work with a team of professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors, and attorneys, to plan and execute a development project.  Construction projects are often fraught with disputes due to the many different parties involved.  To protect yourself from liability, you’ll want a real estate development attorney to draft and look over your contracts before anything is signed.  And if a construction dispute does arise, a professional real estate development lawyer can represent your interests in arbitration and in court.

Even simply acquiring the land to build on and financing your project can cause legal troubles if not done properly.  Our team at Stryker Slev Law Group has years of experience assisting investors and developers in seizing market opportunities and getting the best results in their deals.  We’ll work with you to get the permissions you need with as little expense as possible, put together contracts that protect your interests, handle interactions with regulatory agencies, help you spot risks before they become an issue, advise you on all legal aspects of development, and fight for you in court if any problems arise.

If purchasing, building, or investing in a new development sounds appealing to you, consider scheduling a consultation with our expert real estate attorneys.