Hitzke Development’s Latest Project

Once again Hitzke Development scores big with its latest affordable housing project - Citronica Two.

Two projects to be honored

Every development project presents a unique set of challenges, and for two recent Hitzke Development Corp. projects in the running for Ruby Awards it was all about the concept of subdividing airspace.

Contributory Cybersquatting.  What?

Now that you have your website up, your trademarks registered and you’re finally catching the eyes of folks on line along comes someone who registers domain names that seem to be relying on your trademark and trying to use that as means to gain business – or worse, deprive you of business and then sell you the registered names.

“Do Not Track”

If your website collects data on California customers you are now required to disclose how you respond to “do not track” requests.

“œBad Actors” and Rule 506

One of the recent updates is to the “bad actor” disqualification portion of the rule that applies to a 506 (unlimited amount of capital to be raised) is the limitation of the ban on the use of the exemption where the issuer, predecessor and others have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor within the past 10 years.

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